Sad to hear this news. This morning I read on the newspaper an article about archiving motion picture and it assumed that in 2015 it would be all gone (film). Being a general newspaper one doesn't expect total information yet it is sad to see they are forcing all cinemas to go digital (which according to many articles is very difficult for small theaters). No choice at all, digital or die.
Last time I went to the theater they even put some mobile phone ads... It seems youtube (well, it is, with a huge screen at 4K).

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But now there is no backup smaller machine assembly, nor any room for downsizing production anymore. It is gone. All they have is one big high-speed machine.

I was thinking about this too. Bldg 38 seems huge for what the market is now, so I get they got rid of the building and the coating machine too... If they ever need to downsize, there will be no way.