I'm not going to inflame this more than perhaps I have. I can read all the tests you wish, and advise others based on that. Fine. And yes, I missed the part that you mentioned the magazine test in your prior post, so sorry about that. The fact remains though that you have no experience with the lens, just mere sighting of a test. If others want to use that as a reference to make a purchase decision, fine too, up to them. Since you mentioned no ownership of the lens in your first post, I can't argue with your later admission.

But, if you think that as a subscriber you're somehow better than any of the members here, then sorry, but I don't think I need to comment on that. Quite obvious who I'm dealing with. Nor will I be even trying to prove anything with scans. Pixel peeping has no place in my darkroom work. I see the results the way I need to see them.