Too short for my needs(I'm 6'5"), so no sense keeping it around.
Some minor wear marks here and there, but overall a very nice little tripod that has boatloads of life left in it.
Wood is not splitting or breaking anywhere, finish is very nice overall, and all metal pieces are in top-notch condition.
Everything locks securely, and there are no functionality issues whatsoever.
I wouldn't hesitate to put an 8x10 camera on this, even w/ the 2-piece legs. Especially if you desire a small wooden "travel-friendly" tripod that folds up very small!
Tripod has 3/8-16 screw installed on top plate to mount your head with.

Please see/Ries' own words/site describing details about this model(1/2 way down the page, this is the "J600"):

Only discrepancy with their(Ries') description is that the stated 12" minimum height is a bit under-rated. This one(well, at least mine) can go down to 5.5"(top of the plate), so figure another 3-4"(so 8.5-9.5" tall) w/ a head, maybe a bit more) from the ground, before burying the screw post into the dirt. I can't seem to find it lacking in stability, even at that very short height.

All items shown are included: Tripod, leg sections(each section has a different end piece(spikes/rubber ends), and the carrying bag for it all.

Retail new is $625+shipping
I'm asking $575 SHIPPED in the USA
Int'l shipping will be expensive, but I'm willing to post outside the USA if you're willing to pay the costs for such(overages over US postage costs).
USPS Money Orders, Paypal(if you cover the 3% fee), Dwolla, or cash payment.
Shipping will be via UPS Ground in the USA, Int'l via USPS Priority Mail
3% to APUG if it sells here through the forum

Please PM me if you're interested in purchasing.


all pictures here: