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You maybe need help. They say that the Vitamin B complex helps somewhat the intelligence. I have proven Black on White (!!) that the theory about latent image theory is BS.

I am not poor. But someone should pay me for parting with negatives. They are that valuable.
If you send me the money, I'll send them to you. And then you can send them to Ilford.
As for me, I don't need them to analyze my negs. I know what I see.
And besides, the codes on the boxes that I photographed are plenty enough for an internal investigation. They know their codes.

I'm not sure you have the capacity to understand, though.
Haha I don't know what drug you might take to get over your ego...

Your images can't be that amazing that you can't send off 1 clipping image from each roll... There's always one bad image on a roll and don't claim otherwise I saw your images they aren't good enough to be afraid of letting go, and you'll get them back.

You can send it COD (charge on delivery) meaning when the package arrives at my house I pay the postage. I'm not sending you money though.

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Which "experts" said Pan F+ has poor latent image keeping properties? I still haven't seen any objective, controlled data presented by anyone, and Ilford does not indicate this is a problem.

As for manufacturing/QC issues, I really don't see how an individual can be as certain as NB23 about something like this, particularly when he has admitted to completely ignoring manufacturer handling recommendations. There are so many variables involved in processing film, from temperature shifts to chemistry mixing practices. Which is more likely: an undetected QC screw-up at Ilford, or an undetected inconsistency, control error etc. in one of our home darkrooms?
Actually I did see Simon mention it, I just can't recall what thread but within the last year he said that they recommend processing within 3 months. The thread was about a guy who left his roll of 120 on his desk at work for a year and over the summer it was hot in the office and after he processed it was faint or something, I think that's where he said it.


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