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Dali and all: In the seventies, when I was living in NYC, my mother and father came down from Connecticut to visit me. My mother, who was brought up to be entirely sensible and rational, HAD to buy something from Gucci (who she was convinced had the ultimate quality). She bought a dress but was treated rudely, she said. She tried to justify this purchase as to the 'superior' stitching but, after a while, the aura wore off and her premonitions were defeated. She realized that Gucci existed solely for people like herself, upper middle class but not rich, who wanted to ape the super rich with their 'more intelligent' purchases. She talked to many rich people who directed her in the correct direction because THEY THEMSELVES would not buy Gucci. My mother's final denouement came when she came, again, to NYC and had her hair done at Vidal Sassoon. Of course, VIdal, himself, was 'not there' but an assistant did it. It was a hilarious haircut and one that she recovered from only by never again venturing into venues where she had no reason to be.

Now, moderators of apug might not like this negative plug and, surely, I am not denigrating ONLY those two boutiques, but I am saying that what appears in life to be 'real' is often supported by a proscenium that presents itself, outwardly, as promising more than it delivers. That is the only way I have been able to survive in life as I have never made any money. But I have followed other forms of wealth, like rational thought. - David Lyga
Completely off topic, and let me apologise in advance but I read this week that Vidal Sassoon and Gore Vidal were both staying at the same health spa a few years ago somewhere in the U.S., and one of the staff got the names confused and Vidal was given an enema that should have been given to Sassoon