Reportedly you can make MGWT look cool with Moersch SE6. There was a thread about that here. But I agree that you can't do so with LPD though you could cool it slightly compared to a warm tone developer.

I use LPD 1+2 and find it slightly cooler than Dektol, or at least not quite as much green tinge. I still routinely tone in dilute KRST for cool/neutral papers.

I should also point out that LPD is available, at least in the US, as a liquid concentrate. You pay more for the convenience and probably more for shipping but that might be worth it to you. The important thing is that the liquid is more concentrated than the stock mixed from powder so you dilute the liquid concentrate 1+4 for the same results as 1+2 from the powder. Otherwise, I've used both and they seem identical.