you guys looking at how many units per day Leica sells are forgetting something -- Leica has never sold a lot of cameras. It's cameras are numbered in sequence beginning in 1925. By 1960 it had made/sold 1,000,000 cameras because that is when the M3 with the serial number 1,000,000 rolled off the line.

Simple math tells us that over that long period, when Leica was supposedly in its heyday, unlike the trying times many feel it faces now, it sold a whopping 78 cameras a day, including Sundays.

Meanwhile, companies like Minolta sold a million a year.

Leicas have always had snob appeal, too, because they were always expensive -- the $350 or so my M3 cost when it was new in 1956 was equal to nearly $4,000 today, a month's wages, which is why my father bought a Kodak.