I worked on a suburan Los Angeles newspaper for a shot time in the early fifties. I never saw anyone use a 70, or 80 and not even a 90mm lens. My newspaper never used Graphmatic film holders. I carried four sheet-film holders loaded with pan film, for shooting females for the woman & Home section, and Super Plenachrome in 12 shot film packs for everything else. I remember one guy who carried a 110 mm lens. Most guys used either the 127 or 135 mm lenses. I used a 150 mm on my Speed Graphic, and carried a Premo Senior 3.25X4.25 film pack camera for a spare. I used Press 25 flash bulbs. I normally pre-set the distance on the focusing scale at either 12 or 25 feet, which I marked with red fingernail polish. I kept the lens set at f22 or f32, and use flash to control exposure. If I was more than a half hour from the office, I loaded an old Kodak film pack developing tank in a daylight changing bag, pre-rinsed for 2 or three blocks, pulled over, dumped the water into a can, filled the tank with developer, and drove to the office. When I parked at the office. I dumped the Rodinal dilute developer, water rinsed for 2 minutes, poured out the water (into the bucket) put the hypo in and carried the tank to the art department editors desk. I'd have to leave it on his desk for a minute or two, while I described the action, then dumped it out in the darkroom, put rinse water in it and went back to the editor, and we pulled the photos out to see if they were any good. Well, that was the news racket when I was young!!