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I think, young man, you need to know a bit more history before you say things like that.

There is a reason that they were once one of the most successful companies in the world.

And one of the best places to work, as well.
You mean because they were the ONLY film company ... Haha

You're right of course, but they did do a lot of things like GE ... Buy already researched things proven successful (like Kodachrome). That certainly still works to an extent, perhaps they should have done more of that and when film sales suddenly dropped, they should have sold that off entirely.

In an ironic sense, sticking WITH their photographer client base is what actually hurt them long term.

Well I don't know a lot about Kodak, you're certainly right about that.

I also want to read that Kodak history book that the APUGer wrote but I don't want to buy/own it, maybe we can start a share/pass along and all learn more


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