G'day all... for some time now I've been "lurking" in this forum - just wondering if and looking to see whether there is another or many others living in this region (Gold Coast) who are "more often than not" film user/s? Clearly "film is dead" in this part of OZ - well, if the retail offer is anything to go by but maybe they just don't get it! Yes, it would be nice to meet others to view their work & share all matters pertaining to the art and the craft of film photography. I live on the southern end of the Gold Coast - a hop, skip & jump from the M1 going north or further south. So access to my place or another's is relatively easy. My hope is that if there is enough interest we could form a group for regular showing and sharing sessions... Maintaining an interest in a vacuum is for me relatively difficult so meeting others would provide for inspiration, application and more importantly much more output! I have a small studio - well serviced and the darkroom is thus far B&W orientated. I decided to stick to the mono-course... spending all day on the computer is not an option! Lets meet and take it from there... possibly even entertain inter-state guests passing through! Look forward to hearing from you... Fred.