So I've been practicing loading a Paterson reel for a while and could do it by feel (my practice roll was a 24 exp roll...)
So, everythings in the changing bag, crack open canister of Acros 135 - 36 start loading and notice I can't get the last piece of the roll on and it feels like I'd damage the film removing it. Finally get it right and cut the end of
Spent 15 min getting the TMAX RS down to temperature
As per Fuji's instructions 1 min agitation (What is one inversion btw? Should I let the liquid slosh all the wall over to one side or is it just, back and forth?), agitate at 3 min, 4 min, and then 5 min, before pulling off the cover and dumping it at 5:15 (can I skip the final agitation?)

Stop, Fix (How often do I agitate during the fix, the Fuji spec sheet told me to invert continuously for the first minute and that was it), Ilford Wash

Negatives look okay, on a few frames uneven edge markings and a tiny kink (ugh...)
Really dusty though (is this fixable or is this damage permanent?)