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I use the Silver Magnet. It works by electrolysis. Basically electroplates the silver out onto an electrode.

It's a small unit, about the size of a pencil box with a couple of electrodes inside and a wire coming out. Connect the wires to the low voltage, DC "wall wart" transformer and plug it in to the wall outlet. Drop the box into a container of silver-saturated fixer and wait for a few days. When you've got as much silver out as you can, unplug it, rinse in clear water, let it dry and put it away until later use. After several uses, it will be full of silver. When that happens, send it in to get refined/recycled. You get money back.

I store my spent fixer in a 5 gal. bucket. When it gets about half full, I use the Silver Magnet. Each time, I get about an ounce of silver, more or less. I've used it three times and it's not even 10% full, yet. By the time it gets full, there will be a LOT of silver in there. Easily several hundred dollars worth.

It costs about $40 to $50. By the time it gets full, I will have paid for the thing many times over.

I would say that I recover my silver for economic AND environmental reasons. Maybe the money comes first but I do care about getting the silver out before I dispose of the fixer. Getting money for it just makes it feel even more worthwhile.
So it's reusable?


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