You should be able to get rid of the dust by washing again. Did you use Photo-flo for the final rinse? And if so, did you mix it properly? If you use too much, the film gets sticky. Either way, try to dry the film in a dust-free area.

One thing I do with my films is cut off the corners of the leading edge of the film. Just cut off about 1 or 2 mm, and that means a hard edge will not have to push anything out of the way in the grooves of the reel. It's easier to do this in the light. When you rewind the film in the camera, don't rewind the leader into the can; only rewind until the leader is disengaged from the take up spool. The cut off the leader, cut off your two corners, and then rewind the rest into the can. You can do the cutting in the dark, but it's a lot easier if you can see it. (You have to do it in the dark for 120 film.)

Good luck; keep trying.