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I just pulled the 35mm f/1.4 Nikkor-N lens after 12 hours under the JANSJO light. I really don't see much change in yellow tint and the light loss is still about a half stop compared to my 35mm f/2.8 ais which is where it was at when I put the lens under the light. I did get a pretty noticeable change a couple of days ago using my wife's salon UV light. 12 hours under it and I got about a half stop improvement and less yellow tint. I think I'll just run the lens under the salon light for another 12-24 hours. No loss on the LED lamp though at only $9. It already has a home here on my desk.
It takes more than 12 hours with the Jansjo lamp Lamar, I did mine for about 48 hours, and it helps to place the lens on a small mirror to reflect some of the light back the light back also.