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The graphic above is a very rough illustration of an idea.

SBR is scene brightness range, PBR is the paper.

The problem I see is that many people expect what is caught on the negative to translate directly to paper.

Part of what I wanted to illustrate was how the subject matter can carry through and how the paper rather than the negative defines the photo.

Another was to show why/how film under or overexposure loses info. In a related way why there is latitude when negatives are in use.
You are referring to the tone reproduction. This subject has been described in the Kodak Publication 'Kodak Professional Black and White Films, Negative Quality p. 2-7. second edition November 1976'. Later editions are available as well. The Kodak approach has a scientific base and is valid for modern high definition optics as well as older optics. This in contrast to the zone system approach which is valid for older low definition optics. [Modern lenses are often so detailed, that a zone does not exist anymore and another approach is required].