Ok, what I have seen here are good and bad curves. Now, what is it due to? If you have good and bad from one batch then it is processing but if you see good from one batch all the time and bad from others all the time, then it is probably a bad blend. Now bad? Well, what do the photos look like? If they are ok, then there is no problem.

You see, there is a curve tolerance spec, and if the film is within that (D76) then it is released. If not, it is destroyed as scrap. I cannot tell, without extensive tests, if these batches are good or bad, but the curves look like a bad blend due to the kink in the center. And this is the perennial problem encountered when you use blends of emulsions. If you miss, you have a kinked curve and if the kink is too bad, then the batch is bad.

I would not worry if the photos taken look good.