I have two Leicas, an M3 and an M2, and OK a LTM Leica III, and I bought them because they are quiet and permit interchangeable lenses. They're not the only cameras that fit that list of criteria (I've also got Contax Canon and Nikon RF cameras), but I feel that they offer a degree of repairability and reliability that other marques cannot match. For example, while I do like and use a Minolta CLE too, it has a shorter RF base and I'm always aware that it's an electronic camera that can develop hard-to-fix glitches as parts age. So all in all, I think the Leicas could be said to present the best available combination of features for an RF camera (which, to my aging eyes, are now simply easier to focus than my SLRs). The alleged cachet etc, well, I've never had anyone remark on my camera when I'm carrying it, so that's hardly an attribute that would cause me to buy them.

David -- when my wife and I were in London in 1979, she too went to Vidal Sassoon for a haircut, came out with an Afro-style cut that resembled that worn by Angela Davis -- and 34 years later I'm still hearing about it!