Hi Guys,

OK, so I've created a google map for Killinthomas:

Killinthomas woods, Rathangan

The placemarker gives the car park. Just beside the carpark you can see the abandoned workers camp. The turn down to the woods is a little blind when you are coming from Rathangan - its very easy to pass by the sign. So as you pass the graveyard, then soon after you see some green sheds on the left with 3 artic lorry trailers, then the turn is just after those sheds on your right.

Yard, green sheds and lorry trailers (NOTE: its not the turn right opposite these sheds, but just a few hundred yards further!

killinthomas 1.PNG

This is the turn - the sign is a bit hard to see:

killinthomas 2.PNG

And here is the car park:

killinthomas 3.PNG

Lastly, the Burrow pub is on the main street of Rathangan, near the middle of the village. How about if we meet up at 10am? That gives a good few hours to roam and do some shooting and then head back for a bit or grub?

The woods themselves are a mix of conifer and broadleaves, and if you wander just a little off the main trails you can be in the middle of plantations of ash and birch and so on. Interspersed here and there are some fine big oaks standing in the middle of other trees. There is also a good amount of half rotten fallen timber that can make good material. The main pathways are all gravelled and there tends to be very little mud, so runners/walking shoes/boots should be fine. Any questions fire ahead.....