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So getting out of my car this morning, my bag was apparently flipped and my M2 dropped out, about two feet and landed flat on its top with an awful thwack which was followed by a primal "aaaauuuugggfuuuckk" from me. My girlfriend is still making fun of me for my dropped camera face/vocalizations.

Fortunately I have gaffers all over it including on the top so there are no marks on it and no dings since it landed flat. However the range finder is now a bit off at infinity and the speeds seem to have screwed up for a bit, 1/60th was doing more like 1/8th and the others were also weird. After running up and down through the speeds a couple of times it seems to be back to normal though.

So, any suggestions as to what I can do about the rangefinder, from what I understand it's a simple matter of adjusting the eccentric wheel on the rangefinder arm? Is this something I should try or just send out? Any idea why the speeds would have gone wonky?

Help welcome. Thanks!
Your girlfriend should be more supportive, this is serious bad news. Does she not realise this IS AN M2?