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Kent, it is not cool to put down other peoples gear, it is not all about technical merits of which is bigger, 135 format has so much flexibility from developing anywhere, size, weight, lenses, number of exposures from each roll, frame rate, etc. I'm leaving for Spain and France for a 2 week holiday, my camera of choice is my F4 and 17-35mm case in point. Good luck on your sale.
I don't think Kent was trying to belittle anyone's gear choices. Seems he was just making a point that the thread is here to sell his equipment and not to start a series of post on what format is better. I think we all know that there is a time and place for any system and it is partially in part to personal preference. So I wouldn't read his response as negative.

Kent, I am quite sure you will find a new home for the Mamiya, and congrats on the new Mamiya 7, from one fellow & rival(Pentax) 67 shooter to another.

Seems these days the medium format market is fickle and its all about finding the right person... the older rigs can be had for very nice deals if you keep your eyes pealed, and the newer ones while you can get deals, but they also start approaching the price range of a 4x5 outfits, which sometimes makes them harder to find a home for. I know I've been looking at both sides of that equation and will likely end up with whichever presents the right deal first. ( 645n/Shen Hao/Toyo/ etc..)