I have a few boxes of old photo paper paper. I decide to use it for some experiences, like doing some positive prints/contact prints using MF and LF negatives and a lamp with a 75 bulb lamp (no enlarger and even if the prints were completly crap i didn't mind).
My safe light is a white lamp with a 15W red lamp, that I put above a closet, facing the ceiling and the oposite wall to were I decided to put the trays and the lamp for the print; my "darkroom" is a small bathroom, all white.
I decided to test if the safe light was safe. But all the papers that I use, became black when I put them in the developer, with out being exposed to white light before. Photo paper when not exposed to light and then developed should remain white, yes? Or I making a huge noob mistake?
1. the papers are old, they may be fogged because old age/ prior exposure to light before I got them?
2. The bathroom is "light-prof" since I use it for my film developing and never had foggeg film when loading the reels.
3. the safe light is not safe and fogs the paper.