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Maintaining temps isn't necessarily rocket science, but it's a lot of fun when you decide to throw a rocket at it! Wayne, I'll be curious to know if the aquarium heaters do it for you.
IT IS so much fun. Heh.

I used them before in my kitchen sink for my tempering bath before. They're doing it great. Relatively. I have two 50W heaters. In the small tanks they were working beautifully. Two of them in a larger tank and they work beautifully.

Using them separately with larger tanks, I'm maintaining a stable temperature but it's having trouble auto-tuning. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

They're in identical setups so when one did tune, I carried over the settings to the other one and it's maintaining no problem.

And yes, initial heatup on a large volume is going to take some time. Taking about 15min. right now. Scale it up using these heaters, and I'm probably looking at an hour long heat-up.

I have three heaters coming in to try out. Three 200w. Including a stainless steel one. Though I think by accident, I ordered a 220V so it's not going to be any better than the 50Ws I am thinking.

But I'm probably just going to go and find me a 1000W or 1500W heating element and be done with it. Which was the way I was going initially, but forgot. And ordered more aquarium heaters............