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A crown graphic springs to mind as a better option for basically the same money. A touch heavier perhaps but just as usable hand-held, and FAR more versatile and better built. not to mention options like a graflok back, interchangeable lenses, movements, etc.

Other good candidates (granted more expensive) for small/light/handheld 4x5: Globuscope, Chamonix Saber, Speed graphic, SUper Graphic, Graphic RB (SuperD), any of the various Polaroid conversions, etc.

I can't possibly use my Crown or Speed graphics without a tripod. I did get my Crown with a lens all matched up to the rangefinder for about $100 (don't hate me, it makes up for overpaying on something else, I'm sure), but I wouldn't put it in the same category as the Wanderlust.