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after all frank lloyd wright totally lied like a rug
to get his first clients and that was between ww2 and ww1 ...
*cough cough* *cough cough*

Frank Lloyd Wright may have lied to get his first clients... but it was in the 1880s, not in the 1920s. He did frequently connive, bullshit and outright lie about his work to his clients throughout his life, but he always managed in the end to pull the rabbit out of the hat when needed, a la Fallingwater, perhaps his most famous design. He had received the commission to design it from Mr. Kaufmann, the Pittsburgh department store magnate. For several months he drew nothing. Then Mr. Kaufmann called and wanted to see the drawings, indicating he could be over to the studio in a couple of hours. At that moment, Wright told Mr. Kaufmann to come on over, the drawings would be ready for him to see, then picked up a pencil and began to sketch. The drawings were in fact done by the time Mr. Kaufmann arrived, but they still had the eraser shavings on them and were not the completed sketches he implied when he answered the phone.