The green light is a safelight. You can get different filters for it, including an amber "OC" filter that will work with most black and white papers. I might have an extra filter or two.

The red bulb beside it may very well be a usable safelight for black and white.

Opaque black is what you might use to spot out clear spots on a lithographer's negative for printing.

The Minor White book is quite interesting, and it and Minor White's other writing may be responsible for all those who wrongly (IMHO) use "previsualize" when "visualize" is more appropriate. You may find it a lot easier to follow then Ansel Adams' writing on the Zone System.

The Kodachromide paper is a fixed contrast paper, and might be okay.

The Polycontrast paper might also be okay.

Both would be fun to try.

And the enlarger is very basic, but may very well be functional. The lenses are very basic though.

Although it was 35mm only, my first enlarger was quite similar to yours, and I got good service from it.