A few weeks ago i had a sad accident with my old anf faithfull Toyo, that served me well for over 15 years. It topled down from a small hill and landed sideways on a stone. Tripod and lens were unharmed, camera total loss: dented and bend house, front standard had broken off and the viewing screen had shattered into pieces...
Luckely for me i had a good insurance on the camera and for the money i got back i decided to buy a ShenHao HZX45 II-A. I have been working with this new ca,eraa couple of times now and it handles so much easier then the old Toyo. Especially I am very pleased with the viewing screen: so much easier to focus. It realy snaps in, where the old Toyo always seemed to be a bit blurry. You had to focus very carefully to put the plane of focus where you wanted it.

As to further improve the ease of focussing with the ShenHao i bought myself an additional fresnell lens. As this fresnell lens came without a manual it leaves me with the question on how to put in the camera: should the smooth side be towards the viewing screen or towards the lens panel side of the camera? Both options seem to be possible.

I hope the fresnell lens will improve the brightness of the viewing screen when using wide angles, as is stated generally. But are there also disadvantages to using it, except for the few grams it will add to the weight of the camera? And if so: why hasn't every camera such a fresnell lens as a standard?