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Keep the black negative opaque. When you have the money buy a Winsor Newton series 7 sable watercolour brush size 00 from an art store. Another brand would work but these are the best and well worth the money; about $14. When you have clear spots on a negative or scratches, Use the opaque to cover the spot. A white spot on a print is easier to disguise with Spotone than a black one. The brush will also be the best for print spotting. Use it with respect and care and it will last you many years.
OH!!!! Somehow I missed the idea that you could use it on the print, I was thinking negative only and I don't shoot LF yet and no way I'm spotting small format negs if I can help it haha

Also Matt somehow I missed your comment above, thanks totally makes sense now.

Also I do have a pack of unicolor filters which include all the colors for color printing as the previous owner was printing chromes.

Hmm Cibichrome uses different chemistry than ilfochrome?

Is the old stuff in existence in any form? Can I use the paper for ANYTHING?


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