Just like to thank PE for the very interesting first hand information regarding the Hasselblads!

I read a story that one EDC went home again and that it was "confiscated" by NASA because it was government property. Is there any truth in this?
Sometimes when i read som story on the web about any of the new improved hot cameras beeing released i canīt help to peek at my EL/M sitting next to me and think "iīm sure itīs wonderful but THIS cameras cousine went to the moon...ha!".

Anyway, i find the Hasselblad history very interesting and even more so because the cameras are still making top notch proffesional work as we speak. I just got my 500C (US) back from service done in gothenburg last week. Changed lots of parts, costed an arm and a leg but hey, itīs 43 years old! Incredible!