hi dima

there are easy ways to process film .. and more expensive methods as well.
you will need some tanks and reels for 120 film.
some people like plastic some like metal
some like freestanding small tanks, some like plugging in
a long tube that spins around and around ( rotary processor )
it is all personal preference ...

for 4x5 tanks and hangers are easy
so is the taco method ( elastic band on the film to put it in the 120 film tank )
so is open trays ...

it all depends on what you feel comfortable doing.

i learned loading reels as a teenager and i never liked plastic reels
so i use metal reels and a metal hand tank for 120 film
while i have a rotary processor i never really use it.

for sheet film, i was originally trained with tanks and hangers
but eventually drifted to using an open tray and shuffling the film in it ...

as for chemistry ...

i would learn with 1 developer, something easily available where you live, and the other stuff mentioned by jeffreyg as well.
it is very easy to get caught up in using a zillion different developers and films &c when one probably works
well universally with all films ( small formats and large ones )

i have some standard developer i use from time to time
but i have settled on 1 developer that i develop everything in, and it is made of a special type brewed coffee ...
it works well for me ...

good luck!