So, the reason I was thinking close in is DOF is much narrower. At far distances, once you are past infinity, all is good ( now maybe moving the screen does pass through a sweet spot that is obvious ). The second issue I see is how do I make sure the screen is square with the focal plane? I will give this some thought ( might work to start square ( adjustment agoinst the stops then turn each screw the same ), I like the idea of having a direct view of what I'm doing on the actual camera I'm trying to adjust.



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Wow... that's an interesting method...

The way to set the focus screen is to put the camera on a tripod, with a piece of groundglass at the film plane. Focus the lens, on the filmplane (shutter open!) on an object at infinity - that is, a mile or so away. Then, without touching anything else, close the shutter and adjust the viewfinder screen until it's focus coincides with the focus at the filmplane. Double and triple check before you button it up.