Astia 100F was probably the best balanced chrome film ever made. I even used it for making 8x10 dupes under an enlarger and it was better than any official dupe film ever made. Provia 100F is more
contrasty and in the case of sheets, on a distinctly inferior base material (acetate). The closest thing
to the contrast characterisitics of Astia is Kodak E100G, itself now-discontinued, though it was about
midway between Astia and Provia. There's nothing artificially "warm" about Astia. It's about as neutral
as they get. Maybe some people are working with outdated roll film or some other issues. I've tested
it under the most stringent lab conditions, along with all the other Fuji pro slide film. Like all Fuji chrome films, the greens were a little more yellow and a little less cyan than Kodak's latest films.