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I bought a Crown with a matching RF, but then realized that what I really want is a "proper" view camera, and sold the camera within a couple hours. The person didn't even want the 135mm Nikkor since he already has a 135mm lens. Good deal for both of us.

I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed with the Wanderlust, when they realize they either have to pay a lot for development, or do their own.

p.s. and I love the Chamonix 4x5 F1 I got. I may pick up a "P&S" 4x5 soon, for more night exposure stuff...
I don't think anyone who buys this should be disappointed for those reasons. Anyone who buys this either already does 4x5 or has been looking into it enough to know that they have to do their own or pay through the nose to send it out.

I do my own of course, and I'd bet 90%+ of the people who shoot black and white in it will do as well, and probably 1/3 or more of the folks who use it for color.