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I've used a lot of Astia and Provia and I've never seen a blue cast in Provia. Seriously - would Fuji make a pro film with a colour cast? I agree with Henning - these reports are most likely coming from people who don't know about colour temperature.
Well, I think there's a difference between "technically accurate" and "perceptually accurate". The truth is, shadows *are* blue and a really accurate film reflects that fact; on the other hand, that same accuracy can create pictures that a lot of people will look at and say "The shadows look too blue". (As far as I'm aware, every comment I've ever heard about a blue "cast" in Provia 100F has really been about blue shadows---everyone seems to agree that it's accurate in the sun.)

For my purposes, I've found that an 81B makes the shadows look more "natural" (contra "accurate") while making little or no noticeable change to mids and highlights.