Hmmm, of coarse, this is where I am at now, can focus close but not at infinity, so adjusting close in does not solve the problem.

To address Bernard's comments, I am sure it is the focus screen position. When I took things apart, the adjustment screws were clearly just tightened to their stops. When I backed off just a bit, I could achieve focus at infinity. I agree that with the lens at infinity, the film plane was probably fine. The two cameras method is interesting, seeing as it is snowing outside at the moment, I will try this inside and see how it looks.

I also have an old focus screen that I can cut to fit the film plane. I will try both methods to cross check each other. Once done, the proof will be in some photos.

Thanks for the suggestions/guidance


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Close in does not verify infinity focus. You make sure the screen is square with the focal plane by placing the screen on the film rails. Good luck.