I have a chance to get an m2 or m3 at 650 bucks each.

M3 serial is in 1 000 000 to 1 100 000 in the middle and is very clean. Some wear marks but not brassing.

M2 serial in in middle 900k. M2 has a dent on the top plate on the right and the rewind lever's teeth are imprinted on the body. It looks like it was bumped, but the brass is not showing. Otherwise it's very clean.

They're not mint by any means and the L seals are broken, but they've extremely clean for 50 year old cameras, almost to the point the me using them would add marks quickly.

Is this a good deal? Fair price? Rip off?

Anything I should look out for? Thanks. This would be my first and I have no idea on collection side.

I have a jupiter 12. Would it have mounting problems?

The viewfinders are not as bright as bessas, but very bright as well.