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but why put russian glass on german mechanics? Those two countries never have gotten along well ...
It's the only 35mm I have and I'm content with it. The only problem would be misfocusing, but I shoot it stopped down anyways so it might not matter that much.

I take it everything works properly -- shutter speeds; framelines; rangefinder aligned?
It's supposed to. The rangefinders are not as bright as bessa, but brighter than FED and XA I shoot with.

I don't know how to check for rangefinder. Framelines seems ok.

Your Jupiter will be fine, and I presume it is a thread mount? In which case you will need a LTM to M adaptor. Cosina Voigtlander make an excellent range of lenses if you can't afford Leica lenses.
I have a leica adapter already. It came as a package with my 21mm skopar.

I'll be eating rice and noodles for a while.