I will probably look up all the suggestions posted here and print out the info to take with me on the trip. I am thinking of picking a downtown hotel somewhere fairly close to the waterfront.

Here is the weather site I looked at:


Late May looks like mid 40s at night and mid 60s during the afternoon. Cooler temps might be nice when I'm walking around carrying a bunch of camera equipment. The rain could be an issue, but it sounds like there would be a lot of indoor activities (like the photography exhibits) to fill that time.

I actually don't like Alabama weather except in spring and fall. The heat and humidity are terrible during the summer. I'd rather not wait for warmer weather later in the summer now that I know about that photography festival. When is the peak tourist season in Toronto? I wouldn't be heartbroken about missing that. LOL!

So far no one has commented about whether photographers are well tolerated in Toronto. Do "they" ever harass people for using tripods in public areas or for not having a photography permit or anything like that?