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The zone system is nothing more than crude densitometry.
Ron, don't you mean crude sensitometry?

Changing the subject again, I would like to go back to the idea of comparing overexposure examples. In the attachment, the data is from four tests. One with TX CI 0.56, exposed normally and overexposed. Printed for best print. The second two tests are with Del400, CI 0.57, also exposed normally and overexposed the same amount as the TX. The difference is that the DEL400 is beginning to shoulder off. The DEL400 is the film shown in Quad 2. The Gradient Guideline Comparison is set to show the resulting print RD. The two Guideline and Gradient Comparisons are a further breakdown Quad 3 results with the two Del400 tests. The use of the tone reproduction diagram gives me information that isn't obtainable from using the curves in isolation.

TX and DEL400 Test.jpg