Different folks like different looks. Some like the look of TP in Rodinal, some don't. Ditto for just about every other developer out there.

Technidol works better than anything else. The next best is probably C-41. You can have TP developed by someplace that does color negative processing. Just make extra, extra sure they don't put it through the bleach or blix - the result of either will be clear film. In the old days of real camera stores that knew what they were doing it was no problem getting Tech Pan souped in C-41.

Mike's suggestion of TDLC sounds fine by me. Tech Pan responds very well to pulling. I develop in Technidol and pull 1 stop exposure/-20% development time for a perfect match to grade #2 paper.

The other alternative is very dilute HC-110 - if the MSDS is anything to go by this is probably the closest thing to Technidol you can get.