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The locals can correct me if necessary, but I don't know of any place in Canada where photographers are hassled, unless they actually are in the way at a location where that really matters.
That's good to know. I don't know of many places where photographers are hassled on a wide scale, but I've heard stories. In New York I was accosted by what I assumed to be a private security guard outside one of the many skyscrapers there and he got all in my face about how I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the building we were standing in front of. He was wearing a suit and he had a gun in a holster under his coat. I knew he was wrong (and I told him so), but I wasn't about to spend any of my valuable vacation time trying to educate him (and his ego). Ever since then, I've made it a point of asking about photographer friendliness whenever I plan for a trip.

That reminds me, are there any parts of Toronto that I am better off to avoid? I was walking around on a photo expedition in Atlanta once and wasn't paying attention until I realized I had wandered into a rather scary looking area.