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I used to have one of those enlargers! I custom fitted the 6x6 carrier with a mat board dirty border 35mm opening and I made a slot where I could slip my Stouffer step wedge and show one step. This made a makeshift densitometer out of it (I'd use an enlarging meter to null on a part of my negative, then pull the negative carrier out halfway to show the step wedge. I would slide the step wedge back and forth until I found the step where the meter nulled. Then I knew my range). Ah, the good old days, never could do that with the D-II

My wife still kids me about the Minor White Zone System Manual because I keep leaving it out. "Haven't you memorized it already?"
Haha! Yea, no one will ever understand who doesn't do it, I'm starting to get questions about my fridge.. "Can't you just have one film? I mean isn't it all B&W anyway?" Lol


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