Went to a photo show last Saturday and came away with;

A postwar Zeiss 515/16 Nettar with the 75 f6.3 lens in a 3 speed Vario shutter. Clean and working.

A basket case Olympus Pen D2 with a dented filter ring and broken off casting on one side. This is where the back slips into the groove, the outer part forming the groove was broken off. I fixed the dented filter ring and replaced the missing casting with a piece of 1/20 inch aluminum stock attached to the body by 2-56 screws. Now all I have to do in replace the light sealing foam.

A LNIB Kenko 180 degree .16X aux. fisheye. This is a glorified door peephole. It came with a 52mm adapter. Already ordered stepping rings for other sizes. (Some folks say they used these for HAL's eye in '2001, A Space Odyssey. I don't know if that is true or an urban myth.)