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BTW it does require a bit of effort to make a GOOD cup of tea. My grandmother was from England and she taught me how to make a good cup of tea. And for god's sake don't use a tea bag. The tea leaves in tea bags is cut too finely and therefore the tea rapidly loses its aroma. By the time you purchase tea bags the tea's aroma is mostly gone.
One can apply this rationale to film developing also: A little bit of extra effort yields a lot of extra reward, or at the least avoids a great deal of frustration in the case of film processing. It does not need by any means to be difficult or excessively involved. One only needs to do a few basic things well and the rest takes care of itself. There are of course different styles, as with most things in life. Some bevel the film, some don't. Some prefer Paterson reels, some metal. Whatever one does, it is worth practicing and ironing out the obvious problems, and it pays to do so with cheap film and not the critical shots of a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Everything worth doing, is worth doing well, whether it is making tea or developing a film. The difference between merely doing, and doing well, is often not that great.