I agree Michael.

The drawing I started this thread with was meant to illustrate a simple concept & show a conceptual truth not necessarily a mathematically perfect model.

It is an expression of Adams ZS, visualization of print idea, with alternative film exposure options, it is a way for me to visualize how I might or can make a negative to get me from a to b.

Adams basic visualization concept is really strong in an artistic sense and easy for most to grasp, the details and measurements drag it around and beat it up because the more rigidly a system or idea gets defined, the more it becomes a one trick pony. Even Adams falls prey to this because of the subject matter he chose. If Karsh had written those books instead the world's perceptions of ZS principles might be very different.

I try to remember that personally I'm not a machine taking pictures of documents or laboratory cultures, I'm a human taking pictures of humans and of emotions and of ideas