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Compared to your Hassy strap?.. never had one so I really can't say but I wonder if my mamiya strap has the same clips?.. seems MF cameras have 2 flavors of clips.. shop n try?
I don't have one to test right now, but I am fairly certain that Mamiya 6x7 camera straps will not secure onto a Hasselblad body, but Mamiya 645 straps will. A good friend who shoots RB67 is moving near me soon and I'll give it a test to confirm.

I have to disagree regarding the strap length on the op/tech, which is positioned quite perfectly for use with a waist-level viewer, and comfortably can be held over my shoulder then pulled up and center for shooting (I like the camera tight to my body both when hanging and shooting, so others experiences may vary here). I do agree it is quite ugly, but it makes up for it in neck comfort, and it is far more attractive than some OEM straps with company names written all over them...