I have always been a person who naturally tries to find things out and understand things. I often say what I think is true but with the caveat, "If that's not right, let's find out what IS right."

I expect other people to say whether they think my information or understanding is right or not. If not, we go find out. Find an encyclopedia, look it up in a dictionary, use Google, use Wikipedia, read a book or even make a phone call and ask somebody you trust.

I can't know everything but I can learn anything if I try. Learning is about the effort, not in the knowing.

My problem is that I find most people to be lazy. They don't want to take the effort to find things out. They want predigested, pat answers. They don't really want to know anything. They just want people to tell them things. They don't want to do the mental work.

There is a saying, "Men value most those things which come at a cost." I believe that, if something is worth knowing, it is worth working to learn about it.

My problem is not with people who say, "This is what I think but let's find out what is true." My problem is with people who are too lazy to find out what the truth is. My problem is with people who are don't want to learn but who spout off with bogus facts and who are either too stupid or unwilling to find out the truth. THAT is what I believe bullshit to be.