For sale is a Rolleiflex 2.8E Planar serial 1642785.

It's in good working order. It just came in from a CLA at Brian Mickleboro. Only selling it because I just got a GF670 and I can't justify owning both.

When I got the camera a few months ago focus wasn't on, so I sent it to Brian. He reassembled the entire camera and cleaned it up. Mechanically it is working well. The meter was already off when I bought it (it had probably ceased to function a while ago).

Focusing is smooth. Shutter speed dial is a bit stiff on the slower speeds. I have only shot one roll through it since I got it back, and the negs looked good (I got a Fuji GF670 soon after I got the Rollei as I prefer the 6x7 format, so I haven't used it in a month or so).

The camera isn't the prettiest of Rolleiflexes, that's got to be said. Some of the coating on the front element is fading due to excessive cleaning and you can tell the camera's been used. Hence, the low price of 450 even though it's recently CLA'd. I bought it for the fantastic lens, but the GF670 has an equally fantastic lens and I can't justify keeping both.

I can post it or you can come and collect it in NW London. Payment via international bank transfer, PayPal or CoC.


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