Foma and Efke films have very soft emulsions. You wouldn't want to touch them when wet. Fuji Acros is not as bad, but susceptible to damage in my experience. Kodak and Ilford are very tough emulsions, and I haven't had a single scratch in five years when using a soft rubber edge to wipe the excess moisture off either base side or emulsion side.

It's about technique and finding something that works. My negs are virtually dust free and I print 11x14 from 35mm with usually no more than two or three spots per print. Works for me. I learned my technique from a portraitist that has been in business for longer than I've been alive, and he himself had a mentor and teacher with similar long background and experience. It helps to look beyond the internet, strike up friendships with people you admire and respect, and learn from them. That way you know you get good information.

Developing film is not rocket science, but lots of things along the way can go wrong. The devil is in the details.

- Thomas

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The main part I don't understand is how you can not use photoflow and only wipe the non-emulsion side and not have spots. It doesn't mean it's not possible but I don't understand it.

Also keep picking on me I'm sure it's helpful to the OP


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