So I'm really shaking up my camera collection over the next month or so. I have pretty well given up on MF because I have found that if I want the Ansel look I need to shoot 4x5 and if I want to portability, I need 35mm, with MF being only OK at both of those. Anyways...

I have an FE with the 50mm 1.8 E (which is quite phenomenal, to be frank), and a 28mm 2.8 (meh), and the 70-300mm AF (quite impressive). Because I share this with my She Who Must Be Obeyed, I want to get a few pieces that I know I can use whenever.

I am torn between the F3HP and the FA and leaning towards the FA. Occasionally I like to shoot at wider apertures in daylight and the 1/4000th makes that feasible. Any thoughts on those two? Motor winder suggestions?

For lenses, I am not a huge wide angle fan, but love 35mm lens on a 35mm. I see there's a 35mm 1.4, 2.0,and 2.8. Prices seem to double with the aperture. Thoughts on these? I can't imagine ever needing 1.4, so the 2.0 and 2.8 seem like they'd do.

Lastly, the I like 85mm too. Any thoughts there?

Thanks in advance...I was going to go Pentax but now thinking Nikon will be easier since we have so much gear anyhow.