Here's one for those with long experience of the photographic world ...

I've come into possession of a pack of ORWO DPP 111 paper in 10x8.

I'm guessing this is 20-30 years old, and it wasn't stored refrigerated (but equally it has not been exposed) so I'm not expecting much, but I can't find any data about it.

Straight from the pack (i.e. unexposed, undeveloped), it is a rather gorgeous shade of pale fuchsia.

Unexposed and developed in an ordinary print developer (Fotospeed DV10) it doesn't begin to show any development for about a minute, and takes about 5 to come to a medium-grey. It doesn't develop anywhere near to a full black.

Exposed to a daylight bulb for several minutes and developed ditto, it retains a pink tinge after fixing.

So, I'm presuming that either this isn't the same sort of beast as Harman DPP, or it's age-fogged beyond use, or perhaps both.

Can anyone shed further light on this "antique" ?